Barclay Sound

Barkley Sound is located on the Western shore of Vancouver Island. Stretching from Ucluth Peninsula in the north to Cape Beale in the south, Barkley Sound offers some of the most spectacular fishing for salmon, halibut and bottomfish on the entire North American continent.

Whether youre fishing in the sheltered waters of Barkley Sound or on the banks off-shore, you're in the migration path of millions of salmon. Salmon migrating south from Southeast Alaska, the Queen Charlotte Islands and northern British Columbia all pass these shores and many return to Barkley Sound itself to spawn in the local rivers and streams.

All five species of salmon are here: Chinook, Coho, Humpies, Chum and Sockeye will migrate through this area from early spring until late fall. These salmon are returning to Northern California, Oregon and Washington rivers as well as the mighty Fraser River and many local British Columbia streams.

While Barkley Sound is widely recognized for its excellent summer fishery, it really offers year round opportunity as the sound and offshore waters serve as a nursery for salmon and halibut.