The West Coast of Vancouver Island is one of British Columbia’s premier destinations for saltwater fishing. Each year, millions of salmon travel along the outside (West Coast) of Vancouver Island on their way to their spawning grounds. The areas fished by Offshore Charters are among the best places to intercept them. Thanks to abundant feed and ideal water conditions, huge Spring (King) salmon and large, acrobatic Coho (Silver) salmon come in waves along the West Coast during the peak season between the beginning of June and the end of September. The area is world-renowned for providing stellar salmon fishing during these months. There are also limited Sockeye (Red) salmon openings in June and July. Halibut, red snapper, lingcod and many other types of bottomfish are plentiful throughout the area and can be taken year round.

In addition to these outstanding fisheries, the area boasts many other forms of marine wildlife. It is common to see humpback whales, orcas and grey whales during fishing trips, and guests are advised to bring a still camera or video camera to capture lasting moments of these magnificent creatures.